Donation – Mapuifagalele

June 9, 2020

ASCO MOTORS Staff lends helping hand to Home for the Aged

Following the on-set of the corona COVID-19 pandemic, the Home for the Aged known as Mapuifagalele (translated relief from hardship) made a public appeal for assistance nationwide for the welfare of the old & aged persons there, and in response, Asco Motors staff donated $2,000-00 in cash.

The donation was presented by Mr Lipa Vaoga (Sales & Marketing Manager, Mr Sepurona Finau (President of the Asco Social Club) & Ms Teinesamoa Lafaitele Nuu at the Home for the Aged – Vailele on Friday 22 May 2020.

Asco Motors has a staff social club which looks after the social side of the Asco Family such as health & fitness initiatives – park walks, soccer games etc, as well as saving for certain events such as funeral for next of kin.

Mapuifagalele is a Roman Catholic run place administered by nuns & social workers and cater for the aged community (mums, dads, grandparents most of whom prefer to move there than to stay home alone. The place relies heavily on donations for their welfare and administration.

Some of the photos below depict the place during the donation hand-over. The sisters acknowledged the assistance from Asco and said it is not the first time Asco Motors has come to the aid for Mapuifagalele.